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Website Editing Programs
"Web Editors"

There are basically two types of Web Editors:

  1. WYSIWYG Editors - "What You See Is What You Get" - Easier to Use
  2. HTML Editors - Code Editors - more control (if you know HTML code editing)

We recommend Dreamweaver or, better yet, Contribute, for the novice. Read on...
Note: Some of the following software includes an FTP client which means one less program for you to learn...

(Do Not Require Knowledge of HTML)

Dreamweaver has a strong following of dedicated website professionals. It doesn't require any special server support, and you don't need to know any HTML - though the resulting HTML code Dreamweaver creates "behind the scenes" is rather easy to understand and edit by hand (should you need to.) Dreamweaver takes some time to learn in order to utilize it fully, but even a beginner can get up and running pretty quickly. $399 from Macromedia
Available for both Windows and Macintosh


Contribute is a NEW product that allows "anyone" to make changes to an existing website easily and quickly, "with no HTML training or experience required." (according to Macromedia)
Contribute is perfect for the website novice who gets help (paid or donated) in creating the website, and then goes on to perform the updates him/herself. This is an awesome product if you already have a website and just need to update the content.
Consider this product! $99.00 from Macromedia
Available for Windows only


Adobe GoLive offers close integration with other Adobe products, including Photoshop, ImageReady and Acrobat. $399 from Adobe
Available for both Windows and Macintosh

Hot Dog

We've never seen or tried this software, but the website makes it sound good. Comes with templates. $69.95 from Hot Dog


FrontPage is the web editor that real website professionals love to hate. It provides the novice with easy to use tools and can put up a website in minutes - IF your server supports proprietary FrontPage extensions and IF you don't mind the convoluted HTML code it creates. (and you might not...) $169 from Microsoft. (We don't recommend it)
Available for Windows only

HTML Editors
(Require Some Knowledge of HTML)


HomeSite is NOT a "WYSIWYG" editor, but it sure is good!
Our top pick for HTML Editors! Comes with numerous enhancements that make HTML easier, including Wizards for Frames, Tables, Forms, Lists, Font manipulation, etc. Available from Macromedia for $99.00 BUT it comes bundled for FREE with Dreamweaver!
Available for Windows only

Coffee Cup
HTML Editor

Coffee Cup has a full range of website software. They've been around a long time (since the beginning) and they have made a huge success of their software. We used this years ago (so we aren't familiar with the latest) and were happy with the results. $49.00
Available for Windows only

Hot Dog

Hot Dog has been around since the beginning, too. They have many devoted followers and offer a fine product. Includes lots of Wizards to automate and enhance website creation. $99.95 from Hot Dog
Available for Windows only


Macintosh users, you haven't been forgotten! $179 from Bare Bones. ($119 for students and teachers...)


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